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Real Deal Properties was founded to bring real, turnkey rentals to investors looking to build a passive income portfolio. Real estate offers true wealth potential to many investors and we want to help you on your path to earning your own financial freedom through our turnkey process.

At Real Deal Properties we find great neighborhoods, do great work, and sell houses to you at a great price. Not everyone has time to do all the research, run crews to fix the house, and then still need to find the tenant! With us, just pick the deals you want and bring your financing.

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Turnkey Rentals Done Right

We find the best deals on homes in Kansas City, do the best work, and sell to you at a great price.

Our homes are consistently labeled a premium product that bring high rents in any neighborhood – but we don’t buy in just “any neighborhood.”  We know Kansas City and put our our work into the best, up and coming areas with you, our buyer, in mind from the beginning.

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We are investors ourselves that are offering our model of “Turnkey Rental Properties” to other investors looking to gain financial freedom through real estate.  Our properties are 100% ready for the investor to start making a return – sometimes with a tenant already in place.  Theses are all single family homes in decent neighborhoods with good appreciation rates.  We find the best deals in the Kansas City market and do the best work every time so you become a return customer.  We win when you win.

A “Turnkey” property is a property that is rent ready (or potentially rented) and has been fixed to inspection report ready repair.  This means just about everything is new or fully renovated and would pass any home or city inspection process and is move in ready.  Also, our properties are always easy renters and will quickly be cash flow positive.

We go through a rigorous process to select the investment properties we purchase each month with YOU, the buyer in mind from the beginning.  It doesn’t do us any good to buy a house we can’t move renters into quickly at a decent rate so we personally walk each neighborhood before we buy to ensure each house will work.  We buy from many different sources to stay competitive and pass those savings along to you.

We do!  We’ve been rehabbing homes in KCMO for over a decade and have worked with many of the same rehab crews from the beginning.  This competitive advantage is what sets our turnkey rental houses apart from other providers.  Not only do we do the work ourselves, but we guarantee the work after completion.  We’re also able to get work done for less than other providers and pass those savings on to you.

We typically get at least two inspections done on every property; once when we purchase the home and again when we are through our rehab process.  If there was anything left on the second inspection, we send the same rehab crew back out to finish up.  If you look through the report and want more than what we suggested done, we will typically work with you and just do the work.  If you want your own inspector to come out, now worries!  We’ll do his repair list as well.

Yes!  We joined forces with some of the best property managers and leasing agents in the Kansas City area and started Real Deal Managers in 2023 to help ensure our client’s success.  We know if we can get good tenants in your rental, you will win and come back to buy more houses.

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Ready to take the next step? Our process is simple:

  1. Fill out the form below or click the link to schedule a meeting at your convenience
  2. One of our experts will be in touch shortly to discuss the process in depth and discuss available opportunities
  3. We will work with you to find a deal that works and get started on the agreements
  4. Most of our houses go under contract before the rehab process is finished which gives you, the investor, some control and insight over the process
  5. When the house is complete and inspection ready, we order the appraisal, finish the paperwork and set a closing date!

It’s really that simple. Click the link directly below this or fill out the form farther down the page and welcome to the Real Deal Family!

Turnkey Rental Properties

Turnkey Rental Property Investments

  • Earn passive real estate income
  • Hands-off investment process
  • Easy renters in good neighborhoods
  • Get expert help every step of the way
  • Gain equity through pay down & appreciation

The Founder

Andrew Ross


Andrew Ross (“Ross”) is a father, experienced entrepreneur, and former Marine.  With a decade of experience starting companies from the ground up across multiple industries, he has turned his passion for business towards the real estate market with phenomenal success.  Andrew bought his first investment property in 2013 and has been steadily building his portfolio ever since.


  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • Marketing Expert

  • Marine Corps Veteran

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